Precious Metal Refining Services

We offer a precious metal refining service that is tailored to suit everyone’s needs &  requirements.

We process quickly & efficiently.

Payments can be made same day by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

A complete melt & assay service is also available for all lemels & sweeps, along with a diamond stone recovery service enabling customers to retrieve precious stones from scrap jewellery without damaging them.

Reclaimed metals can be returned to the customers in the form of fine gold, Silver or palladium. Alternatively in the form of a melted bar complete with a full assay certificate & valuation given , based on the London market prices

Scrap Metal

Please use our calculator below to calculate an estimated price. Please understand that this is an estimated price based on today prices.
When you finally make a purchase from us, the final price may differ slightly.

NB – Please note that the calculator below is an indication only and not necessarily the final price that will be offered.
It is calculated using today’s Trade scrap price. 

*NB - calculations based on gm unit price
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Click below to view our daily feed of metal and scrap prices. All prices shown are for indicative status only. We gather this data from an external feed, and whilst checked regularly we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracy if out of date.